However you look at it, the days of conventional warfare are long gone. “Those were the days…” when sovereign countries, flags, uniforms and emblems on aircraft, ships and equipment readily identified the opposition. Today, and likely forever more, we find ourselves in a perpetual “War of Ideas.” The so-called “Global War on Terror” is really a war between the reluctant moderates of the world, many of whom are hesitant to even recognize or criticize their opposition, against the radical criminals of the world who claim to adhere to a particular religion or cause in order to rally and recruit others to their personal and political agenda(s). Ultimately, whether Jewish, Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu, any other religion or belief system, including agnostic and atheist, the moderate, tolerant, inclusive and genuinely peaceful people of the world must find a way to unite through their common interests and shared values instead of continuing to focus upon the relatively minor differences that divide them.

Thus, in this new global conflict, where the fundamentalists and extremists of any given Ideology have declared war on the rest of humanity, it is imperative for the rest of us find ways to build and repair bridges across our many divides in order to unite in collaborative endeavors and form coalitions to uniformly condemn, disavow, discredit and ultimately expose the criminals, psychopaths and sociopaths who are not only committing barbaric acts of violence, but perpetrating and expanding their growing crime syndicates by fraudulently justifying their atrocities in the name of a religion or contrived cause.

Thus, one of the primary purposes of this website and blog is to facilitate an interfaith, intercultural and inter-ideological dialogue. Let’s work together to turn the tide on Islamism, and all forms of radicalism, around this troubled world of ours. Who knows? Good things might happen.