New Terrorist Weapon More Powerful Than Nukes

HEY TIM COOK! Does our “Right to Privacy” really trump our “Right to LIFE?” Are you not aware that the most critical weapon in the hands of those who would do us harm is (secure) COMMUNICATIONS? Does your profit in this growing market, a potential gold mine for you and your competitors in the TELECOM industry, really outweigh the lives of those who died in Paris, San Bernardino, now Brussels, and, almost certainly, at an airport, transportation hub or shopping center near you in the very near future? ISIS and those who wish to do us harm now have a HUGE advantage over the “West” and security forces around the world. There was a time when encryption and decryption of communications was found only the world of “Spy vs. Spy,” particularly during the Cold War. I know, I was a part of that effort where NATO was monitoring Warsaw Pact countries (led by the USSR) – as they were doing the same to us in the “Free World.” Over time, criminals and curious citizens monitored police communications using scanners, sometimes to facilitate robberies and escape. Before Bradley Manning and Edward Snowden totally exposed our capabilities relevant to monitoring our adversaries (especially terrorists and their networks), the “good guys” (us) held the upper hand and had a huge advantage over the “bad guys.” Not only did we lose that advantage when our methods and successes were exposed to the world, the pendulum has now swung to an overwhelming advantage now in the hands of ISIS and the many similar extremist groups driven by radical ideologies. Unless or until the commercial makers of the iPhone and other “Smart” phones having such capabilities are willing to forego not only their high-handed assertions of “privacy rights,” not to mention their greed in pursuit of profit arising from their new “market” of highly-motivated and very intelligent adversaries, civilized society is ultimately going to lose to terrorists and criminal enterprises who will now be able to run circles around the “good guys,” – those who are trying their damnedest to catch the “bad guys” before they attack any of the multitude of soft targets that are everywhere around us. Mr. Cook, have you watched the news today? It is only going to get worse so long as Apple and other communication companies are out there “Aiding and Abetting” these terrible attacks on all of humanity. Without some level of compromise between this age old struggle between SECURITY vs. PRIVACY, setting profit motives aside, this planet just might be doomed.

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