About the Book

America's Jihad by Dan SockleAmerica’s Jihad was originally conceived to be a collaborative book. Dan, Arif, and Harris then set out to solicit others who were similarly passionate about attempting to differentiate between culture and religion, moderate and inclusive Islam vs. Islamism, or radical Islam. Dan had recently returned from a year in Iraq, where he had described his “Human Terrain Team” as an effort to build and repair bridges across ethnic, religious and cultural divides (we have since added political to that goal). Arising from that conversation with Arif and Harris, the intent was to bring together different experiences and even opposing perspectives into one book, comprised of 10-15 short chapters. Each of the contributors were asked to describe their personal “journeys” from 9/11/2001 to the present day, reflecting on their own growth, views and values as their country devolved from being the United States to the Divided States of America that we are experiencing today.

As our diverse and eclectic collection of contributors grew, some submitting their chapters within weeks and others up against professional and life challenges that kept getting in the way, several suggested turning attention to the website and blog that was anticipated to evolve out of the book as a platform for continuing the conversation. Thus, this website/blog has become the priority while awaiting chapters from those who are getting closer to bringing all of their experiences to bear in finalizing their chapters. Some contributors were only discovered and invited over the past few months, but have enthusiastically joined in bringing their own uniqueness to what we hope will be a book that has something that will resonate with just about any demographic – regardless of which side of the world they call home. It is time to let the “experts,” “idealogues,” and “demagogues” sit this one out. Those who are fixed in their positions, beliefs and political parties can continue to launch their Words of Mass Deception at each other through a media that seems only to happy to perpetuate the arguments and conflict. We are taking another approach.

America’s Jihad, the book is available now. Your engagement and participation in this blog has made the final product that much more meaningful, and that much more likely to make a difference – individually, regionally and around the world.