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Politicians seek Issues – not Solutions

Sad, but truer than ever, politicians’ focus on partisanship and divisive issues is driven by how much money can be raised from Special Interests (corporations, unions, etc.) and their voting constituencies drawn most to the extreme mantras of the issue or cause. So long as our political system remains insatiably driven by money, control and influence, issues such as “Gun Control,” “Pro-Life vs. Pro-Choice,” immigration, healthcare, energy vs. environment, and just about any other debate that has appeal to extreme views on two or more sides will be exploited for financial and political gain. To actually collaborate and SOLVE such hot-button issues means that the special interest monies coming from both sides – to the Democrats/Left/Progressives/Liberals, or to the Republicans/Right/Alt-Rights/Conservatives would decrease or go away altogether.

Add to this a 365/24/7 media that thrives on discord, distrust, division, victimhood and conflict, and the result is what we are seeing and feeling today: America’s struggle, or “jihad,” as to our values, who and what we stand for – as fellow Americans, with “Nationalism” being one extreme, or as fellow humans, more idealistically pursuing “Globalism” – which is yet another debate… egad!

Here’s hoping that the #NeverAgain movement arising from the Marjory Stoneman-Douglas High School shooting gets beyond just the NRA, and successfully brings focus to how our democratic republic has devolved so deeply into the “swamp” of self-serving political narcissism we are enduring today. Heck, perhaps we might even see an elevation of journalistic standards if enough of these compromised and corrupted stakeholders actually hear and feel these latest cries of “Enough is ENOUGH!” Indeed it is.

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