America’s Jihad, the book, takes the reader on a variety of individual “journeys,” spanning 9/11/2001 to the present, as experienced by a diverse collection of good people from various backgrounds and parts of the world, including Muslim, Christian, Jewish, military, academia – living in or with an ethnicity or heritage connected to Pakistan, Kuwait, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Australia, Bosnia, Canada, India, and across the United States.

This tab has been created for YOU to tell us of your own journey since 9/11/2001. As an individual from any part of the world, any ethnicity, faith, culture or political persuasion, how did this event affect your life? If a non-Muslim, what was your knowledge and understanding of Islam before and since that event? If Muslim, what has been the impact of radical Islamism on your life? In either case, once you have shared your journey, what would you do to turn the tide on radical Islam and, for that matter, the radicalization of any faith or belief system – in your community and around the world. This website is as much about collaborating to find solutions as it is about sharing experiences and perspectives.

If you have insights into some of the challenges of this complex world, please share and lend your wisdom to our search for solutions.

Email your journey and visions for a better world to:

Here is one journey…

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