Food for Thought

Hey “Patriots!”

I hope that I am speaking for most veterans of the military and/or law enforcement. To those of you who stormed the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021, many or most of you feeling justified in doing so as “PATRIOTS,” I ask you to envision America’s adversaries doing their own versions of a happy dance as they put this tragic day on full display to their citizens.

Close your eyes as you comprehend the extent to which you have actually aided and abetted our enemies, to wit: Putin, Xi, Rouhani, Kim, Maduro – and so many others who are now happily pointing to the weaknesses and failures of not just a democracy, but the once revered and respected “Leaders of the Free World.”

Does our election system, its processes and safeguards, need to be thoroughly reviewed and vastly improved? Absolutely. The next Administration must recognize, for the sake of regaining the public trust in our public servants, that this simply has to be an urgent, bipartisan priority.

Now, as each of you anticipate returning to our nation’s capital on Inauguration Day, especially those of you now promising to come armed, think about how you are now doing our enemies’ bidding by doing so. Not only would your actions be unpatriotic, but totally treasonous – exactly what you are accusing others in Congress, the media and across the land of being.

I urge you all to stop and consider whose bidding you are doing. Ask yourself, “At the end of the day, who will be smiling laughing, and happy-dancing?” Depending on your actions, it might not be the American people.

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