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Beyond struggling, is America imploding?

We should all take a deep breath and rethink our individual and collective fixation on arguably our most outwardly-flawed POTUS. If one excluded Los Angeles and New York City, most Americans who voted put this non-politician into the White House. There were many reasons for that – mostly decades of broken promises by entrenched career politicians – both D and R.

If only the majority of Americans could put aside the persona and New York businessman/CEO style this imperfect and too-easy-to-hate man has brought to Washington DC politics, an objective observer would note that, unlike any of his recent predecessors, that Donald Trump has actually tried to keep the promises he made on the campaign trail. That, in itself, is noteworthy, no matter what you might think of those promises or the often truth-challenged schoolyard bully behind them.

How long have all of us heard Congress and past occupants of the White House promise to secure the southern border and implement comprehensive immigration reform? At least 3-4 decades spanning both Republican and Democrat Administrations. Almost every President since at least Bill Clinton has stated, “We are a nation of immigrants – but we are also a nation of laws…” Promise-breakers from both sides, certainly including Schumer, Pelosi, and Obama (as Senator and as President), have even approved wall construction, but then (both parties) never actually funded it. Finally, in 2016, American people, Democrats and Republicans, were attracted to a candidate who not only resurfaced this unresolved challenge, but now seemed determined to hold Congress accountable for this and other unkept commitments made to virtually every demographic in the country.

When even the Republican Party was fighting his nomination, it became increasingly apparent, for better or for worse, that this easy target for endless jokes and ridicule was going to be a genuine agent of change. “Politics as Usual” was about to be stood on its ear. Is he likable or a role model? Hardly. But many voters clearly disliked the dysfunction and corruption that had taken over our federal government even more. Even more tragic, with each election cycle, we have a worsening “trickle-down” hyper-partisan tribalism where there is less and less space for voices of moderation and compromise.

It is clear that the whole country would be better off setting aside their hate/disdain for the man, recognize the simmering frustration across America that got him elected, look at the two subsequent years of aggressive, undermining “Resistance,” and reflect on Pogo’s great quote from years past, “We have met the enemy – and he is us!

Both die-hard Democrats and Republicans need to recognize this. If we can somehow quicken the pace of D and R adherents switching to Independents, or any other political party, that just might get the attention of these career, self-serving politicians. Howard Schultz appears to have recognized this and, perhaps like Trump did in 2016, just might now be tapping into a very frustrated, no-longer-silent majority of Americans.

Starting with our two hyper-partisan and vengeful political tribes, joined by a mainstream and social media driven by division, outrage and HATE, Americans are starting to recognize and reject all of the manipulative, hidden, and not-so-hidden, agendas afoot – many driven by our broken political process, and many created or exacerbated by Russia, China, Iran, North Korea and other adversaries who see the collapse of America’s Democratic Republic, and of Free Speech, as the best possible outcomes for retaining control of their own citizenry.

Americans of all persuasions are simply tired of all the lies and inaction. Why aren’t we seeing these decades-old major issues getting resolved? There are millions and billions of special interest dollars regularly feeding into the DNC and RNC campaign war chests – much of that money in turn feeding a media that thrives on scandals, conflict and every new election cycle – which, by-the-way, is now continuous. If you don’t think the 2018 and 2020 election campaigns started on November 9, 2016, you have not been paying attention.

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