Food for Thought

Let us support and PROTECT Free Speech

If I were a Mayor, Police Chief, or especially President/Chancellor of a University or College, I would proclaim to all within my domain that, first and foremost, it was my intent not only to support Free Speech, but to direct my security and/or law enforcement to act as guardians to protect everyone’s right to peaceably assemble in accordance with applicable ordinances and laws. If anyone came to one of these rallies or protests wearing face-coverings, masks, or otherwise appearing to authorities to be there for the purpose of disrupting that free speech, likely to do harm or otherwise physically interfere with the lawful and permitted assembly, that those sworn to “Serve and Protect” were authorized to exercise discretion in removing anyone they deemed to be a danger to themselves or others. In some states, this would be called “Civil Protective Custody,” but whatever the source of this directive, I would be sending a clear message that if you come here to disrupt others’ Free Speech, regardless of their purpose or cause, to destroy property or otherwise deemed likely to cause physical harm to others, that you would be detained for the duration of the lawful assembly, then released if no other violations of law (i.e. assault, property damage, etc.). Whether a Sanctuary City or State, the right to Free Speech, and the protection thereof, must always prevail – especially at institutions of “higher learning.” Egad, how tough can this be?!?

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