Food for Thought

Could Trump be a “Peace-Builder?”

About Trump’s cabinet nominations, I offer a little FOOD FOR THOUGHT: Let us reflect on the “Marshall Plan,” and one of the reasons that the European Union was created – i.e. the theory that creating stronger economic ties/commerce and mutually-beneficial business and cultural connectivity among nations lessens the likelihood of serious misunderstandings, distrust and FEAR that historically lead to conflict(s) between nations, regions, alliances, etc. I, for one, am going to look at what Trump is doing with cautious optimism that this bypass of politicians to fill key leadership positions just might lead to dramatically improved business/commerce and cultural relationships that will ultimately benefit most, if not all parties – right on down to those most in need of jobs, dignity and a voice. Not saying this is what is afoot, but, until proven otherwise, I am going with this theory. As evidenced by the divisiveness not only in the U.S. (which was there long before this not-so-presidential campaign), but globally, I say indeed, “What have we got to lose?” Billionaires and millionaires have by far the MOST to lose if anyone looks to nuclear weapons as the answer. Especially to my friends most adamant about eliminating all nuclear weapons from the planet – take a deep breath and ponder how what we are seeing just might be some significant steps towards your most passionate and noble goal. How do we diminish and defeat those profiting most from armed conflict (arms dealers, the media, politicians, etc.)? How about by those involved in NON-LETHAL business enterprises gaining the upper hand and, ultimately, making PEACE more profitable than CONFLICT. Just sayin’…

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