Conflict Prevention/Resolution (mediation)

“I’m more concerned about tomorrow – than yesterday” (the late Shimon Peres)

If only all of us could adopt this philosophy, think about how humanity’ propensity for revenge might one day work itself out of our DNA. In those parts of the world where life is most desperate, where survival is day-to-day, sometimes hour-to-hour, the fight for access to or control of life-sustaining water and food only heightens what we sometimes consider the more primitive or barbaric acts that precipitate tribal disputes, transgressions and, yes, revenge. Instead, somehow, some way, we simply have to find ways to focus more on our common interests and goals, to work together to find and distribute potable water, irrigate the land and grow crops. One of the early contributors to this project, an historian and educator who split his time between America and Israel, had great hopes that the Israelis and Palestinians, indeed all people in those parts of the world where water is the most valuable (and scarce) commodity, would find ways to work together to engineer and develop better ways of using both the water in the Dead Sea and in the Eastern Mediterranean – whether through desalinization or a more productive development and sharing of the limited fresh water resources to meet their common needs. Instead of water access being a divider, transforming these sources into a “uniter” through collaborations that might one day change the centuries-old predisposition towards aggression that was too often rooted in revenge – for which neither side could ultimately cite the original transgression or sin.

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