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Calling all Rotarians, those with similar values – and frustrations

First, everyone has his or her own versions of “Change we can believe in.” I have long contended that Rotary’s “4-Way Test” (below) belongs on the wall of every gathering of leaders – be they in governance, business, education or a place of worship. Whether Liberal/Progressive, Conservative, or somewhere in between, it is not just Americans who are hugely frustrated over the increasing absence of genuine transparency and accountability in governance. We are certainly seeing the resultant elevation of distrust and fear, much of this fueled by partisan rhetoric and spin, and, of course, “Fake News,” of which there is plenty coming from all sides. What started, more or less, with the so-called “Arab Spring,” is now sweeping across the world. That said, before America can meaningfully perform a little maintenance and repair on all that is broken globally, we have to first get our own house in order. My most immediate hope is for every American to take a deep breath, stop the hand-wringing and bluster (from Hollywood to Trump, embellished by a complicit media), and give this new administration at least 6-12 months to take shape. We are not going to derail this Presidency and should not be attempting to do so. As much as I would have preferred a Jon Huntsman, similar moderate, or even Bernie Sanders, let us now do our best to give Trump a chance. Back to the “4-Way Test” as a guiding principle, to the extent that we might be able to rally all Rotarians, and like-minded people, to send emails to the Trump Transition Team, the DNC, the RNC, and the media, promoting the “4-Way Test,” I say let’s go for that – something tangible and constructive that we can actually DO. Non-Rotarians, please feel free to join in this initiative.FACT WARS

For non-Rotarians, here is the 4-Way Test:

Of the things we think, say or do…

Is it the TRUTH?

Is it FAIR to all concerned?


Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned?

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