THANK YOU “Jihadists” and those pursuing the “Islamic State”

20150111ParisRally1.5Mil 20150111ParisRallyWorldLeaders

I say, “THANK YOU” to these most extreme of the Islamists, be they ISIS/ISIL/IS, AQAP, al Qaeda. Boko Haram or, lest we forget, the more “moderate” Muslim Brotherhood, for their short-sighted, barbaric competition with one another – which is uniting the world, including Muslims, against them. In and around Paris today, nearly four million French citizens, joined by leaders from at least forty countries, including Benjamin Netanyahu and Mahmoud Abbas, stood among those leaders to condemn the attack on Charlie Hebdo and free speech. THANK YOU Abu Bakr al Baghdadi and so many other psychopaths and sociopaths who are coming out of the woodwork, for awakening all of humanity to get over their political correctness and differences, and see this threat for what it is. Now, let’s get smarter about countering these threats through a more collaborative use of our intelligence and resources.

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  1. To further demonstrate the uniqueness of this “coming together” event, even “Anonymous” has emerged, declaring their own “jihad” on extremists. “Anonymous” has already targeted Islamist websites and just might wreak more havoc on the propaganda and recruiting websites, videos and other various uses of social media than government-driven “cyber-warriors.” Let us hope that this unprecedented unity rally in Paris can last longer than the global unity initially felt after 9/11. We simply must learn from past mistakes if we are ever to turn the tide on radicalism around the world.

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