"War on Women" (Women's and basic Human Rights)

Meet the 13 Most Powerful Muslim Women in Britain

Note: I am sharing this image and headline to draw attention to the fact that these well-educated, professional and successful Muslim women are in fact still Muslim. If even clearly successful and independent women still adhere to Islam, is it because they know something we don’t? You might be surprised to learn that the Holy Quran was the first of the major Scriptures to declare that women have equal rights to men in virtually all circumstances. Politicized Shari’a Law and any acts of denying education or otherwise denying women their equal rights and standing in Islam, is a violation of the true faith. The “War on Women” has certainly become a battle cry in American politics. There is much to be explored and discussed on this important topic. What follows is an excerpt from an article that appeared in The (London) Times on March 21, 2009:

“Meet the 13 Most Powerful Muslim Women in Britain”
Hilary Rose
Published at 1:26PM, March 21 2009

Photo credit: Jude Edginton, The (London) Times

Photo credit: Jude Edginton, The (London) Times

More Muslim women than ever are in leading positions in society, a fact that is at worst misrepresented and at best under-reported. Britain’s first Muslim Women Power List aims to change all that and recognise the women who are making a difference

There are more than 100,000 Muslim women currently working in Britain, yet many feel misunderstood and misrepresented. These women share the ambitions and challenges of all working women: to succeed at a good job and often to combine marriage and motherhood with a fulfilling career. Yet searching for positive role models can be unrewarding work, and there has not, until now, been a professional social network for working Muslim women…

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